A Guide To Finding A Cheap Botswana Safari Vacation Packages

cheap botswana safari

A Guide To Finding A Cheap Botswana Safari Vacation Packages

Planning a cheap Botswana safari is the best option if you are on a budget. In recent years, more tourists have started booking a Botswana safari, to see the famed attractions of the country. This is possible as Botswana offers some of the best wildlife and scenery in Africa. Add to that the fact that Botswana’s hospitality is renowned and you can expect an enjoyable trip.

The Gaboroe Falls – This waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions, situated on the Okavango River. The water gurgles as it flows into the rapids, where it forms pools of bubbling water that look very beautiful indeed. The gorges here are deep enough for a person to easily walk through. However, the rapids aren’t for the faint hearted as the water can be extremely strong and it isn’t advisable to try to walk through it if you aren’t prepared to swim.

The Great Migration – This is perhaps one of the best-known natural wonders in Africa, where millions of wild animals and plant species move from the Okavango delta, in Botswana. It includes the black rhino and the black cheetah as well as hundreds of thousands of birds. The migration can last for months and even years, which means that it is a wonderful time to experience it for all its unique qualities. The cheap Botswana safari you book should allow you to go during the dry season.

The Tsodilo Hills – This is another famous attraction in Botswana, although it is much less well known by the outside world. The area is remote and there are no motor vehicles other than those provided by tour operators. You will need to make your own way around this safari destination, using a map and compass.

The Great Migration – This is also remote, but it is much easier to reach than the Tsodilo Hills because it is a shorter distance. It also has less steep grade than the hills. The main attractions for a safari here are the Tsodilo Hills and the Victoria Falls, and you can get to this part of the Great Barrier Reef through either air or road.

The Great Migration – This is also a famous attraction in Botswana, although it is much smaller than the aforementioned destination. There are several activities you can participate in to complete your cheap Botswana safari. It starts with a drive up the country’s largest mountain, the Mt. Kilimanjaro, then take a three-day hike into the national parks and visit the villages of Bwindi, Chobe National Park, and others. This route also includes a visit to the Zimani Gate and Museum, which are situated near the airport and serve as the starting point for all tourist trips to Botswana. After this, you should head to the Okavango Delta.

The Kalahari Desert – This landscape is completely different from the other regions in Botswana. There is no visible sign of human habitation anywhere in this desert, and there are no settlements. You can view this landscape from a hot air balloon, which is one of the best ways to appreciate this area. This place is also visited by a lot of tourists. You can take a bus tour to the Okavango Delta, where you will see zebras and elephants roaming around.

Victoria Falls – This is a really popular safari destination, due to its thrilling waterfalls. However, due to security reasons, Victoria Falls cannot be reached by most visitors. However, there is still a chance to enjoy this spectacular site by taking an automobile tour to the Falls. You can choose to go on the Victoria Falls Bridge, or the Skywalk. These will give you the opportunity to see the Falls from a different perspective and allow you to enjoy the breathtaking views of this country. You can also visit the nearby towns and villages, which will provide you with more opportunities to enjoy the cultural diversity and natural resources of Botswana.