A Relaxing and Refreshing Luxury Safari in Botswana

Botswana luxury safari holidays are renowned for offering some of the most exciting, diverse and awe-inspiring destinations in Africa. This beautiful African country offers more than just the traditional tourism attractions, it also has a lot of exciting attractions that keep tourists and locals coming back year after year. The country boasts a diverse landscape from the wilds of the Tsavo East to the arid savanna of the Okavango Delta. It is in these regions that you will find the world’s highest and most diverse concentration of wildlife, giving visitors an exciting chance to see a wide variety of different species up close.

botswana luxury safari

Botswana’s flora and fauna are particularly varied, with an abundance of forest areas ideal for viewing the wildlife in their natural habitat. There are five world class wildlife parks in Botswana and many more smaller nature reserves. Here you can see a variety of species including lions, elephants, leopards, giraffes, zebras, buffalo and hippos. Some of the parks even have wildlife reserves within them, allowing you to get closer to the animals and better understand their behaviours.

You can also visit the Zimani Gate where you will be treated to a breathtaking display of the changing world of aromas and cultures. The gate offers an opportunity to take a walk through the centuries-old ruins of the old Kgalagadi Empire and learn about the ways of the past through the botanical specimen garden. This attraction is a great opportunity to learn about the cultural history of Botswana.

The Okavango Delta is recognised as one of the world’s largest lakes and is home to an enormous variety of aquatic life. You will be able to watch a school of fish swimming through the water or snorkelling amongst the coral and fauna. There are several luxury lodges and camps in and around the delta, which offer comfortable and luxurious accommodation. You will also be able to enjoy game drives, kayaking and other exciting sports on the delta.

The Gaboroe Game reserve is situated in Northern Botswana and is home to an abundance of unique animal life. It is also a hotspot for game hunting. This reserve is one of the best places in Africa to photograph wildlife. There are opportunities to view elephant, zebra and giraffe.

It is not just the large animals that you will see on your Botswana safari, there are also some unusual species to be seen. There are plenty of opportunities to swim and snorkel in the lakes and rivers. You will also want to visit Lake Mwandi, which is well known for breeding antelopes. You will also want to sample the local food including millet, milo and khichuri. Other activities to participate in include elephant bush jumping, tracking and bush climbing.

A luxury safari in Botswana is not complete without viewing the botanical gardens. The parks are home to a variety of floral species, including those which are rare. The gardens are designed to bring nature closer to its visitors. During your trip you can also visit the botanical aquarium and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the underwater world.

For the ultimate safari, consider a luxury safari to explore the Zanzibar archipelago. This archipelago consists of five islands that are home to a variety of interesting marine life and coral reefs. You can also enjoy a luxury safari to walk through the volcanic landscapes and observe the flora and fauna of this remarkable area. After your safari you can relax in the beautiful hotels and enjoy the world’s beautiful sights.

The parks of Botswana are home to several different wildlife species including leopards, zebra, giraffe and black rhino. These animals can easily be found during the bushmeat hunting safaris. When you are on a botanical safari, ensure you pack some plant foods and juices to help replenish yourself. Water is also essential to carry while on a safari. It is also important to carry mosquito nets and insect repellents. This will prevent you from being bitten by mosquitoes.

The cuisine of Botswana is diverse with traditional dishes served in alehouses. Here you can eat a selection of the country’s fresh vegetables, meat, fruits and seafood. Guests will also be able to try the local brews such as khwiti and kudu. In addition to this, traditional cooking is also widely used. The guests can taste the local Botswana wine. The hospitality and friendly service of the locals is a warm welcome from the guests.

Botswana is a wonderful place to go for a luxury safari that is both natural and luxurious. The safari experience starts with a visit to the national park where you can walk to the Victoria Falls. You can then choose a bushwalking safari and take a ride to the Victoria Falls. This will give you an amazing view of the falls and allow you to appreciate just how high they really are. Your luxurious Botswana safari should end with a trip to the beautiful Tsodilo Hills where you can stay in one of the many guest houses.