Best and Most Popular Botswana Safari Packages

botswana safari packages

Best and Most Popular Botswana Safari Packages

Botswana is an African country in South Africa, which is known for its diverse wildlife species. The Botswana safari offers a wide range of adventure activities such as elephant and lion hunts, elephant and giraffe rides, lion hunts and even the famous Okavango Delta tours. The most popular time to visit Botswana for a safari is from December to March during the dry season when the country has little rainfall. Since the wildebeest migrate towards the plains to forage for food and water, this is also the best time to enjoy an elephant ride. With no rain or less precipitation, animals concentrated near water sources or the watering holes.

The climate in this country is cool and without low humidity environment, malaria is reduced. The vegetation is lush and green even during the cold months and it provides enough cover for the animals during their winter retreats. With the presence of large mammals, there is less chance of getting lost in the bush and there is a lesser chance of encountering the dangerous wildlife.

Botswana is divided into four regions namely Kalahari, Gaborone, Masvingo and Maun. Traveling to these regions will provide you the chance to observe various wildlife species of Botswana. You will find that lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalo, cheetahs, leopards and many more rare animal species can be observed in these regions. But the best time to travel to Botswana is from January to April when the country receives high rainfall.

You can get a variety of Botswana safari package during your stay at the Botswana tourist information center. But if you are planning your trip during the rainy season, you have to make sure that you plan early. Booking early is not only for the tourists but for the wildlife too who also need to reserve their trip during the rainy season to get away from the rains.

Most safari packages are designed specifically for visitors who are planning a holiday in Botswana during the dry months. This type of package is suitable to travelers who have a short duration of visit and wish to see less animals. There are various lodges and campsites where the tourists can stay during the summer time. during the winter, they get to view a variety of wild animals.

Most popular among the Botswana wildlife safaris are the ones that allow the visitors to experience a taste of the Masvingo national park. It is one of the biggest national parks in South Africa and has the largest dry forest. The park is well maintained and provides the tourists with the opportunity to watch the various animals and bird life. However, it is very popular among tourists who enjoy a safari in Botswana during the dry months as the wildlife doe get a chance to feed on the plants in the vegetation which is full of food and water.

There are various tour and travel companies who offer the best Botswana safari tours to travel to the various regions of this country. Most companies offer package tours that include air, boat and tour guides to guide the tourist during your trip to the different regions of the country. The tour and travel agents also arrange for the transport of the required vehicles to transport the required safari vehicles to the various regions of the country like Zanzibar, Zambia and Masvingo.

During the wet season, Botswana’s wildlife remains active and you get the chance to witness the different animals like lions, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes, buffalo, elephants and leopards, etc. If you don’t want to have to worry about being in an elephant enclosure during the wet season, then you can take the helicopter tour and visit the areas where these animals live. You can also get the chance to view the birds like parrots, cockatoos and eagles during the rainy season.