Enjoy Your Stay in Luxury Botswana Hotels

Botswana luxury hotels are known for their luxurious accommodation and welcoming service. There is no doubt that Botswana’s hospitality is renowned. As a result, many tourists plan their trip to Botswana with great anticipation. However, with the increasing number of hotels in this country, the level of comfort has become much higher than before. If you are planning to spend your vacation in Botswana, you can look out for these hotels, which will surely make your stay very comfortable.

luxury botswana

The Gaborone Grand Hotel is one among the luxury hotels in Botswana. This hotel has a picturesque location and offers a spacious and well-designed room. The rooms have all the facilities that a tourist needs such as air-conditioning system, telephones, an inbuilt refrigerator, cable television, a DVD player, a mini-bar, and etc.

The rooms in this hotel are spacious with comfortable en-suite bathroom. They also offer separate bath tubs. There is a restaurant with a bar area and several comfortable chairs. Apart from these, there are also several other services available in this hotel. If you wish, you can also avail of a spa treatment and visit several fitness centers. A visit to the beauty salon is also available from within the premises of the hotel.

The Okavango Delta Lodge is another luxury accommodation in Botswana. It is one of the best places to visit while on your tour to Botswana. The rooms are well designed with the theme of luxury and comfort. The services available include a heated swimming pool, tennis courts, and several other sports activities.

One of the famous luxury hotels in Botswana is the Le Sac Mountains Golf and Spa Resort. This resort is situated near the Okavango River. This resort has five luxury hotels, which are each classed differently. There are the L’Amoreieux Hotel, Le Soleil Collection Hotel, Le Sac Mandarin Hotel, Le Sac Grand Casino Hotel, and Grand Casino Hotel. These hotels are all fully equipped to meet your needs.

The Maun International Hotel and Spa are located at the Voi River. This hotel has several swimming pools and a gymnasium. Other facilities offered at this hotel include sauna, outdoor pool, conference rooms, childcare centre, beauty shop, health centre, restaurant, laundry and kitchen facilities. These hotels also provide cable television and telephone services in several rooms.

The Chobe National Reserve has many luxurious hotels. The Kgalagadi Lodge is one of these hotels. These lodges are well equipped with a pool, conference room, internet access, conference facilities, bar, refrigerator, DVD player, and telephone services. Other services provided at these lodges include air transport and airport transfer.

It should be clear that Botswana has some of the most luxurious hotels in Africa. Many of these luxury hotels are located in the capital cities. However, there are a number of luxury hotels located outside the capital, especially in the country’s regions. These luxury hotels are ideal for business travel, which is the main industry in Botswana.

A number of luxury hotels in Botswana are located close to the major international airports. Most of the luxury hotels are situated in the cities of Gaborone and Maun, the country’s largest city. These hotels have a wide range of accommodation options including hostels, backpacker hostels, luxury resorts and guest houses. Some luxury hotels provide recreational facilities such as golf courses and spa centres. Some of the most popular luxury hotels in Botswana are the Chobe Hotel, the Leisure Park Lodge, the Olompali Lodge and the Maramba Lodge. Each of these hotels provides excellent customer service and luxurious amenities.

There are other luxury hotels in Botswana that offer basic but comfortable accommodation. The Tundele Point Hotel is one of these luxury hotels. This hotel caters to visitors who are looking to enjoy a relaxing stay in the comfort of their own homes. The hotel provides clean, modern facilities and is close to the airport, marketplace and central town. Other basic but comfortable facilities offered by the Tundele Point include wireless Internet, DVD and VCR players, room service and telephone services.

The Victoria Falls Hotel is another luxury hotels in Botswana. The hotel is located close to theitaire and other attractions. The luxury hotels in Botswana are known for providing high quality hospitality and recreational facilities. Some of the luxury hotels in Botswana have restaurants and bars, but you can also get accommodation in one of the country’s many informal hotels or guest houses.

Luxury hotels in Botswana cater for international guests and visitors from the UK. These hotels are well equipped with business facilities and have a number of shops and restaurants where you can buy local products. Some of the luxury hotels in Botswana also have recreational facilities such as tennis courts, golf courses and swimming pools.