Experience the Best Time to Go to Botswana

There is no better time to go to Botswana than now. The country offers some of the most diverse wildlife and natural attractions in Africa. In addition to all this, the climate is one of the best in the world. This makes it a very desirable destination for safari enthusiasts.

Botswana’s wildlife is some of the best anywhere in the world. There are over a hundred different species of mammals and more than forty different bird species. It is also home to many varieties of aquatic wildlife such as crocodiles, anteaters and hippos. In fact, there are more crocodiles in Botswana’s waters than there are antelopes in Serengeti! And while it lacks a number of animal species that are found in Africa, it does boast many of the best game parks and game reserves.

There are some lodges in Botswana you can stay at. These include luxury lodges with camping facilities. You also have the option of lodges with private water access. However, the best place to stay in Botswana is in the comfort of your vehicle. There are plenty of excellent hotels around the country that offer lodging and complimentary meals.

When you go to Botswana, you have two main options to choose from: the Okavango Delta or the Okavango Wildlife Service. The Delta is the ideal place for a nature safari as it offers several opportunities to see wildlife up close. Some of the benefits of going on a safari to the delta include viewing thousands of species of bird. It is also the perfect place to go swimming as you will come across a wide array of fish species including hammerhead sharks and many other types of marine animals.

If you do go on an African safari, then the best time to go to Botswana is from April to December. This is the off season for hunting; however, it is still an amazing time to go to Botswana. There is a lot to see and do while you are out on an African safari and you are sure to experience a unique and exciting safari. There is also the option of a stay in one of the many guest houses that are dotted around the country. There are many places where you can stay such as guest houses, lodge and campsites.

You also have the opportunity to go on hiking tours around the country. When you go on a hiking tour, you are able to see many different landscapes and wildlife. You can also go on a boat ride through the waterways of the country. You can view the various waterfalls, springs and lakes which are very abundant in Botswana.

When you go on a visit to Botswana, you will be able to experience a number of things. It is the best time to go to Botswana with many other tourists as there is a high influx of tourists during this period of the year. However, the weather in the country is very hot during summer. It can get very hot in the evenings and very cold in the mornings. It can be quite hot in the desert areas in the evenings and very cold in the mornings.

During your stay in Botswana you have the option to shop around. There are a lot of shopping places in the country. You can visit the town and go window shopping. There are some of the best stores in Botswana to purchase some of the wildlife products and other items.

In order to experience the Botswana culture fully, you will have to spend a night in the villages. You will be able to mingle with the local people and explore their culture. The food is also very traditional and delicious. It is prepared by the traditional cooks. It is not possible for you to cook it in your own country. However, it is possible for you to try the local dishes and enjoy them thoroughly.

You can enjoy the hospitality services offered by the country. There are numerous hotels in the country. These hotels cater for different budgets. There is something for every budget. Some of the most expensive hotels are located in the cities but you will find cheaper hotels in the outskirts of the cities. The tourist attractions in the country are varied and there is something to please everyone.

To experience the wildlife in its natural habitat, you have to go on a wildlife safari. There are several wildlife parks and sanctuaries in the country, which you can visit. You will get to see different species of wildlife and you can also go on a Jeep safari to explore the wilderness of the country.