The Botswana Special Review

The Botswana special features three stories in one movie, which means you really get to learn a lot about the country and its people. With a budget that is a fraction of those of big Hollywood films, The Botswana Special proves that the story behind the film is quite realistic, and the actors portraying the events on screen are very good at what they do. The film was directed by Peter Greenaway, who is well known for his films about Africa.

Jeremy, Richard and Jim each have to go to Africa and fight their biggest challenge yet: to get a second hand vehicle for no more than a fraction of a British pound. It has got to be something with four wheels and no roof, and should never be a four wheeler and should never be designed to drive over rough terrain. This can be an issue, as their job is then to travel through the wilds of Africa, navigating dangerous rivers, huge salt pans and animal reserves, all while staying out of sight of potential predators.

Jeremy’s experience working in Afghanistan, Iraq and Afghanistan before being cast as one of the Botswana safari guide characters, allows him to be a very convincing character in this movie. He portrays it brilliantly, taking on the role as a very different kind of hero, the kind that you will only come across in true adventure movies.

Jeremy is also a very good actor and, like most people, he knows how to act in order to convey a certain emotion in a scene. In this movie he does a good job of convincing us that he is in real danger when he is supposed to be relaxing and enjoying himself. This is one of the things that make The Botswana Special such a good film, as it manages to capture the essence of Africa, the challenges, and the feeling that comes with experiencing the natural wonder and beauty of the continent.

Richard, who plays Jim is also a very convincing character, playing the role of a young, inexperienced but highly experienced safari guide. There is very little dialogue in the film, yet Richard manages to deliver a number of memorable lines, such as “I’ve been here before and I can assure you this is no place for a first timer”Botswana is one of the last frontiers in the world”.

Jeremy is the hero in this story, with Richard as the “hero” and Jim as the “hero” in turn, while the supporting cast is made up of the film crew who travel with them and, in the film, includes Richard’s girlfriend and the Botswana native she is travelling with. Other than Richard, all of the other actors portray more minor roles, which are not of the same importance to the plot of the film, however they still manage to add some depth to them, and this gives them more personality and a better chance to stand out from the crowd.

In terms of direction, The Botswana Special is very well shot. Although, the special effects are not mind-blowing, they are impressive enough and the whole film flow together well to make this entertaining viewing.

Overall, The Botswana Special is a film that is well worth seeing. It’s worth a watch, whether or not you have seen any of Greenaway’s previous work, as it is a fun movie with interesting characters and an excellent story line.

The only thing that does make it a little lacking is the ending, where the film loses its momentum and begins to feel like it is trying too hard to be something different. However, this is a minor quibble, as the whole movie runs smoothly and is worth the effort to watch.

Overall, I recommend The Botswana Special to anyone who wants to see a good adventure film set in Africa, with a number of good actors and some great acting. I would definitely recommend the film to a wide audience.

I personally enjoyed the film a lot and recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to go on a safari. I especially recommend it to those who are interested in Africa and wildlife conservation.