Tips To Plan Your Botswana Trip

botswana trip

Tips To Plan Your Botswana Trip

Botswana is a wonderful and exotic safari destination that has all the necessary aspects to make a perfect trip. A Botswana trip is also likely to give you a memorable time as the country offers a wide range of attractions for tourists and locals. This country is located in Southern Africa and borders Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This land is endowed with varied terrain including plains, floodplains, forests, gorges and mineral-rich mountain peaks. There are rivers that offer canoe and kayak cruises and the country also boasts several game reserves where you can go hunting, viewing wild animals and enjoying the game.

An Africa road trip will take you through the lovely Sabi Sands National Park, where you can spend some unforgettable days. The park has five different game reserves where you can enjoy tracking lions, elephants, cheetahs, gazelles and even hippos. You can even go camping and have the opportunity to spot wild lions roaming about. The park is home to numerous other animal species including the big cats, hyenas, gazelle, impala and pygmy hippo. Other attractions include the Sabi Sands Hotel and Maasi Community Area, where you can camp and take part in activities like horse riding, bird watching, snorkeling, hiking and climbing.

An Botswana trip will let you see both the beauty of the Sabi Sands and the huge numbers of African Wild elephants that frequent this area. The Sabi Sands National Park is one of the few places in Africa where you can watch young female elephants mating. It is also possible to spot herds of lions while on safari in Botswana. However, lions in Botswana are rarely active since they mostly stay near their water source and hunt from the shadows. You can’t get a better view of African Wild elephants than from the Sabi Sands where you can see them walking or running along the banks of the lake.

An Botswana trip will give you an opportunity to view four seasons of incredible scenery including Serengeti, Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls and the deception valley. Serengeti is among the wildlife parks in Africa where you can find an amazing variety of different animal species including; lions, leopards, buffalo, zebras, elephants, antelopes, giraffes and zebras. Victoria Falls is regarded as the largest drop in the world with its waterfall of more than 11 metres. Victoria Falls is a spectacular tourist attraction and is considered as the most striking natural structure in Africa. The deception valley is situated in the southern part of Botswana and it is here that you will spot four different species of monkeys and baboons.

The best time to conduct a Botswana safari is the dry season which lasts for 2 months during which time you can see wild animals at their most active state. This is the best time to visit the Gaboroe River which is the main source of water for the plains tribes. During this time you can also get a chance to visit Masai Mara, which is the home of the Masai community. They will allow you to stay in their community for a couple of days and observe them in their own way.

There are numerous other popular attractions which include; Thwabira River, Victoria Falls and Victoria Peak. These places are popular for their scenic beauty and are best visited during the dry season. There are several travel companies in the country offering Botswana safaris and they are known to offer excellent services. The most important aspect about any self-drive Botswana itinerary is that you must get a guide who can lead you to the right direction.

There are several tour operators who arrange Botswana safaris and they are well-known for their friendly service. You must ensure that the guide you choose is properly trained and has a good background in the country. It is important to choose an experienced guide so that your trip is not hampered by any fault or error. A good tour operator will help you get all the information you need about the reserve beforehand. Since every reserve has its own rules and regulations, it is very important to make sure that you understand them. You can also talk to the local people of the reserve if you have the time to talk with them.

Another popular activity in Botswana is bird watching. A number of communities around the country consist of a large number of different species of birds. You can organize a trip to a game reserve here and spend a few days birding. If you want to enjoy a more relaxing activity you can visit the wetlands reserve here and enjoy a luxurious stay. Most visitors come to Botswana for birding and there are a number of different wetlands reserves where you can go birding or even spend some time to observe the animals.