Victoria Falls and the Amazing Botswana Landscape

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Victoria Falls and the Amazing Botswana Landscape

Botswana is one of the last countries on earth to be discovered by the Europeans. It is still a popular destination for tourists, and millions go every year to observe the wildlife, relax in the many national parks and enjoy the fabulous hospitality of the locals. Despite being one of the last destinations on earth to be fully explored, Botswana still holds plenty to offer for both adventure seekers and nature lovers. With the incredible diversity in terms of landscape, climate, fauna and flora, it is an incredible place that has something to offer to everyone. Below are some of the must-see attractions when visiting Botswana:

Victoria Falls is perhaps one of the most famous natural wonders in the world, attracting people from around the world. Its impressive geological formation, comprising thousands of icebergs hundreds of feet high, has fascinated many since its first discovery in 1869. The falls are a favourite attraction for all visitors, but you can also explore Victoria Falls on horseback or by bus if you don’t have time to tour the falls. The Hualapai Native Reserve, where Victoria Falls is found, is a great place to learn about the wildlife of Botswana and to experience the stunning views and sounds of the area.

A visit to Okavango Delta is a must for anyone interested in wildlife. This region is home to many exotic animals and birds, including some that are indigenous to Botswana. Among the most beautiful is the Leucatin Bushmen’s Bush, with its amazing landscape and colourful birdlife. It is also home to the Batswood Bushmen’s Bush, with its unique wildlife and varied terrain.

If you prefer a less adventurous trip, you can always visit one of Botswana’s beautiful botanical gardens. The Kgalagadi Botanical Gardens, near Chobe National Park, is the perfect spot for an eco-tour. Here, you will be able to see beautiful examples of flora and fauna, as well as learn more about the botanical gardens’ conservation work. The park is home to a number of internationally important plants, including the Ashwagandha or Chamomile, which has been used for centuries as a sleep aid. The gardens are also home to many rare species of birds, including the African Bushthorn, Lesser Jacana and Southern Carmine Bee-eater.

While in Botswana, you should also make it a point to visit the Okavango Delta. One of the largest inland lakes in the world, the delta offers a wonderful view of the savanna as you drive past. There are several villages here, so you can get a taste of African life on a day-to-day basis. While at the delta, stop by the Okavango Delta Foundation to learn more about the work they do to preserve the delta. There are also several schools for kids in the area, who can learn about botany, conservation and farming while enjoying a day or two out at the water.

After you have had enough of the delta, the next best thing on your trip to Botswana will be the Botanical Gardens. The Victoria Falls attracts millions of tourists every year, but the botanical gardens offer something more. These are truly amazing places to explore, especially if you have a camera. You can take gorgeous close-up pictures of animal life, including the stunning specters of lions, hyenas, impalas and zebras. The animals have all been photo-bred to look as though they are actually found in the wild. If you are lucky, you may even see one of these animals in the wild.

Other attractions in Botswana include the Okavango Delta itself, home to a vast network of mangroves. At the end of your tour, you will be able to drive on a pontoon through the delta, looking over lush mangroves and bird islands. You may also take a Jeep safari tour around the parks, which give you a chance to experience the flora and fauna on your own.

Many tourists spend a night in the hotels, then head back to Botswana. This is a great option for the adventure traveller. There are plenty of hotels in the cities, where you can cook your own food. However, the botanical gardens provide fresh air, and a chance to see the wildlife up-close. Once you have had enough time to explore the area, you will want to return to Botswana to see the Victoria Falls, and to explore the Manfredi Gorge and other spectacular national parks.

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