Where to Stay During Your Fly In Safari

Botswana safari is the best and most memorable experience for all who want to explore Africa. You can get there from Maun, South Africa through air or land. There are various airlines operating direct flights to Maun and you can check them out on the internet.

fly in safari botswana

When you are going to visit Maun, you must have your own accommodation since this country offers luxurious accommodations for travelers. Some of the best and finest hotels are located here and you can also find a number of budget motels, dormitories and bed and breakfast. However if you choose to go on a tour, you can take some flights to Maun and check out the hotels which are available in this part of the country.

The major advantage about taking an air flight to Maun is that you can avail great deals on hotels. You need not worry much about the hotel amenities and can choose the ones according to your requirements. There are many flights, which can take you directly to Maun. All you need to do is find the best one and then plan the stay accordingly.

Hotels that offer air flights have their own restaurants and bars. You can enjoy a hot lunch or dinner at the hotel’s restaurants and then enjoy your stay in these resorts. There are also a few hotels which offer excellent sightseeing packages and activities for travelers to do during their stay in the hotels. Some of the other good services offered by these hotels include shopping centres and health clubs. These facilities to help you relax during your stay in Maun.

Another important thing to keep in mind while planning your stay in hotels is the price and facilities of the rooms. You can easily compare the prices offered by different hotels and choose the ones that offer the best facilities to suit your needs. You must try to stay in the best hotels to enjoy your stay. However, you cannot expect to stay in them on a daily basis if you do not pay attention to your budget. In order to ensure that you stay in the best hotels, you should make a reservation well in advance.

You can also make an online reservation to have the rooms of your choice. This way you can save money as well as time. You should make sure that you reserve your room at least three months before your trip. so that you do not miss out anything during the trip.

Many of the hotels in Maun are located near to the Serengeti Park and thus you will find a lot of things to do and places to see there. If you do not like wildlife, you can spend a couple of days sightseeing around these places. You can go on elephant rides, drive safari, trekking, fishing etc. and still have plenty to do. During the day you can have a look at the flora and fauna in Maun.

It is recommended that you visit the botanical gardens located near the airport, but do not stay overnight. They offer beautiful gardens which are perfect for those who wish to relax and have a little treat. However you must make sure you reserve your room in advance. If you stay overnight it might not be possible to enjoy all the facilities, so you can take a longer drive to reach the gardens.

Some of the most popular attractions of Maun include Maun Reserve, Maungwa National Park, Zebra Hills, Lake Eyasi, Lake Bogoria, Masai Mara, Mpumalanga and the famous Serengeti. There are many tourist attractions in Maungwa, but the main attraction is Maungwa National Park, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1992.

There are many other hotels around Maun that also serve as hotels. Some of them include Dzongkholi Hotel, Dzongkhoje Hotel, Khutshoty Hotel, and Dzongkhulu Hotel. You can find more than thirty-two hundred guestrooms and suites in them.

The hotels in Maun are clean and well maintained and offer all the modern facilities. These hotels are located close to the airfield and also provide accommodation for the guests. You can also reserve your rooms at any time, so that you do not need to visit the airport when you get a flight to Botswana.