Why Sanctuary Lodges in Botswana Are The Best Option?

Botswana is a destination filled with diversity. In fact it’s one of the most sought after destinations in Africa. One of the main things that make Botswana so special is the rich cultural heritage and wildlife parks and sanctuaries. As you get ready to plan your safari, you’ll probably be looking for the perfect place to stay and food sanitation issues to deal with. The following paragraphs will give some insights into what to expect at sanctuary lodges in Botswana. Our hope is to provide you with a little insight into the hospitality, food, and atmosphere expected at each lodge.

Luxury lodges Botswana offer everything from peace and serenity to adventure and thrills. With a focus on quality over quantity, guests are treated to views that would astound you – all while you’re surrounded by the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature. What better way to share the environment with guests than to show up, prepared to share your bounty? There’s almost no better way to say ‘thanks’ than with a hand-out of scrumptious food.

The guest of honor – or, should you prefer to sit amongst the royalty, the King or Queen, can’t be found at every lodge. This gives each lodge a unique ‘back story’. It’s also good practice to have a couple of things to bring with you when you visit. Whether it’s a camera or not, at some lodge’s guests are offered a guided tour of the surroundings – including the animals. This can include wildebeests, lions, elephants, and zebras.

Guests are also treated to the opportunity to sample the very best in Botswana cuisine. Guests are welcome to bring their own plates and utensils, but when they arrive at the lodge they are served breakfast, lunch, and dinner – all freshly prepared and served. As guests begin their meals, the server will wait for them to choose their portion and then inform them of how much is available. This is actually a very novel way of entertaining – guests aren’t expected to know how much they’re paying, they just look and take it. They can also have a choice on the types of food they want.

As guests leave, they can stop at a guest house and purchase some local bush food. They’ll get to sample the food themselves before taking it back to the lodge. It sounds like an ideal way to spend a night – but there are a few caveats! First, guests will need to take their own water with them – and they may need to bring some food with them too. So if you are staying at one of Botswana’s lodges, you’ll be well advised to ask what is available.

Next, you can take your own vehicle into the country and explore the parks and game reserves. Alternatively, you can hire a vehicle from the lodges to transport you around and over the parks. Ask the staff at the lodge if you’re welcome to do so. You can also enjoy regular boat cruises around the area.

And don’t think that your guests will only be able to enjoy these trips in Botswana. They’ll also be able to enjoy regular visits to the spa area. Most hotels offer complimentary spa visits during their holidays, so you won’t have to break the bank. The great thing about staying in a lodge in Botswana is that you can come back whenever you choose.

In conclusion, you should make yourself at home in Botswana! The lodges are excellent and provide a host of activities for guests to enjoy. If you want to see wildlife up close, then you should definitely choose to stay in a lodge in Botswana. You can even stay overnight – which is something you can’t do anywhere else! Just make sure to check out all the options before you book your trip.